Sending midi via ReWire to Cubase stops after a while

    Jan 07 2010 | 9:53 am
    Hi, When I want to send midi notes to Cubase 4 using ad_rewire I noticed the midi connexion between the two softwares stops after 3 to 8 minutes of good job. Sending 0-1 to hostcontrol~ stops working too. However the audio sent by Max is still received by Cubase and the object hostsync~ still receives infos from Cubase.
    Here is a patch that illustrates this issue :
    My Max, windows xp, and Rewire driver, are updated. I tried this on several pc. With different versions of Cubase, and Max. Is there a problem with my patch ? or is it another ReWire bug ? If someone has an idea... I am using a virtual cable instead, but that's a shame not to be able to use the sync possibilities of ReWire.