sending video to a repurposed LCD cell phone screen

    Dec 20 2006 | 9:41 pm
    Forgive me if you've heard this one. I am new here and looking for info on how to get video onto a cell phone screen. It doesn't have to be a specific brand, I am looking for the best solution. Also, if anyone has manufacturer info on these type of screens (tiny, relatively cheap, and video capable) please point me at it.
    I am essentially doing a feasibility study on an art project using multiple screens displaying same image at differing brightness levels.
    TIA for the help!

    • Dec 24 2006 | 12:58 am
      Thank you for the response. These are the type of screen I am talking about. Has anyone ordered or used these? I am assuming these don't come with the protocol documentation I would need to use them. Does anybody have any protocol or a manufacturer website that may have documentation?
      Merry Christmas
      Jessie W
    • Dec 24 2006 | 3:58 am
      Ironically, I was just designing an installation out of LCD screens, Ive done several with comercial LCD monitors, but I wanted to move on to using tons of small LCD screens, as your mentioning. I too am curious how to wire these to an rca, svideo or some kind of large matrix control and power. If anyone knows of where to find that info, I would love to know, I have low level electronics experience, but Im sure I could figure it out if the documentation is explicit enough.
      Also, here is another distributor I was looking at.