SensorBoxMuxAB Processing Sketch

    Apr 06 2013 | 8:56 pm
    I was wondering if anybody has understood the SensorBoxMuxAB Processing Sketch? I got that far: analogValue is the array for the anlog values. the 4051 has 8 inputs. The assumption is you use up to 6 4051's = 48. Why is the array size 96? index bytes start with 1. I do not know what that means. the End=255. OK this is the message separator.
    mpinA etc: this assumes you hook up Arduino digital pin 2 to 4051 S3, Arduino digital pin 4 to 4051 S2 and Arduino digital pin 7 to 4051 S0. Andrew expressed somewhere you can connect the S3's of all your 4051's etc. mpinAmask etc: this is the function table for the 4051. I guess this is to convert the address of the inputs 0 to 7 of the 4051 into binary. muxPIN[6]: this needs to be adjusted to the number of 4051. In the example it is only for one. The rest of the sketch is a mistery to me.