separate note-offs with MPE (Roli) controller - or sustain

    Jan 27 2019 | 11:17 pm
    Hi , I recently bought a Ligthpad M, which I use with Max(MSP). When using the Ligthpad as a "keyboard" (sending midi-notes etc to a synth -Roli's Equator for instance) I would like to be able to send a message to the synth to ignore Note-off messages, or rather to find a way not to send note-off message from the device when I release my finger(s) ; say you want a "super huge" (11 notes) "organ" chord which sustains, or (which is how I discovered the problem) If I want to change , say, the master volume of my patch which i control by a slider on a  different "scene" on my Roli, I have to release my fingers, but I still want my chord to play. I managed to take off of the stream of data the part dedicated to note-offs (or release of the fingers) but there must be a more "friendly" method - something like a sustain command for the data of the Ligthpad.
    yes I use the Max Objects designed for the BLOCKS? i tried all kind of "toggle/no toggle " params, but did not found anything friendly -Am I the only one to use sustained notes? :-) Any idea ? many thanks

    • Jan 28 2019 | 8:17 am
      Stripnote, flush etc etc
    • Jan 28 2019 | 10:30 am
      yes, but no, since it is MPE things are a little more complicated : _I connect my Lightpad to the [blocks.grid] object and connect this to [blocks.notepad] -> [mpeparse] -> [vst~] : ok, this works _using a stripnote would mean deconstruct the whole list of messages the MPE sends (with zones, aftertouch etc etc) - not impossible but there should be a different way _then the funny thing with those roli controllers is that they (or rather, probably the [blocks.notepad] object) send for note OFF not a note-on with velocity 0 but a proper note OFF message (instead of midi event 144 60 0, like most controllers do, it sends 128 60 0)
      I would say the best way would be to filter the "touch phase" of the message send from [blocks.grid], where 2 means the end of the touch phase, have somewhere all notes with phase 1 (middle of the phase) remembered, and then being able to send phase 2 for those...
      _if anyone has some sort of patch doing this or a similar thing, I would be happy trying it....
      thanks kasper