seq~ in maxforlive (help)

    May 03 2011 | 7:56 pm
    been trying to find a away to loop midi in live using a maxforlive device. had quite a lot of joy with this and am really excited, but i faced a few problems that are beyond my knowledge and wanted to share/ask for and tips.
    first i would like to know how to link to global transport to the play message in seq~, i thought maybe using live.observe unless there is another way, forgive me but i'm not very clued up on max. the other was getting the phase or start of the rate messages for the phasor to start when the global transport starts, as you'll notice in this patch the phasor keeps ramping even the the global tranposrt has stopped. in reaktor (at the risk of making a faux par) you have a clock start/stop module which performs this function when using sequencers.
    anyway, if anyone would be kind enough to offer and ideas of would like to collaborate with me on this (even though i'm a noob) i'd be grateful.
    many thanks ned :)