Seq midiout and MIDI metaevents

    Mar 24 2006 | 2:11 am
    I don't seem to be able to record MIDI meta events correctly with seq or
    even send them through midiout to Digital Performer's conductor track.
    I am iterating a list like this
    255 88 4 4 2 24 8
    Which is a valid sequence for a meter change to 4/4.
    Midiout seems to ignore these messages and seq records them incorrectly as
    255 88 0
    255 4 0
    255 4 0
    Gary Lee Nelson
    TIMARA Department
    Oberlin College

    • Mar 24 2006 | 1:04 pm
      More on the subject and an illustration...
      I am working on a sound track for a new film by my wife, Christine. The
      title is "Hope" and it deals in an abstract and evocative way with breast
      cancer survivorship. Many of the animated images are based on her iris
      painting. Prints of one of the painting with be sold by the American Cancer
      Society along with a DVD of the film to benefit breast cancer research.
      The soundtrack will be a fairly conventional composition for chamber
      orchestra initially realized with GPO but I want to make a score with
      Sibelius in preparation for a performance by a student ensemble.
      I described the problem above in an earlier message. My test patch is at
      the end. Neither seq nor midiout interprets metaevents correctly.
      This seems to be a bug. The problems I've had earlier with detonate suggest
      that C74 might want to have another look at MIDI. A multitrack (file type
      1) version of seq is long overdue.
      Gary Lee Nelson
      TIMARA Department
      Oberlin College