SeqPlayer and Midiout Channels

    May 05 2006 | 6:48 pm
    Hello everyone, I've been using Eric Singers seqplayer object to playback midi files. The seqplayer object connects to Midiout to send the midi info out. The problem I'm having is that Midiout doesn't have a channel argument, so I've been unable to get my hardware sampler to recieve different seqplayer midi files. I've done some reading on the forum and found that midi files include the channel number which is why Midiout doesn't have the channel argument. I've added the correct channel argument to my midi files but still haven't had any luck. What's the best way for me to be able to assign channel info so that my sampler can play back multiple midifiles on different channels?

    • May 24 2006 | 12:21 pm
      You can run it into midiparse, change the channel, then run it back into midiformat.