serial baudrate

    Sep 29 2019 | 11:01 am
    Hi guys,
    I'd like to have the serial reading at 2.000.000 (2 millions) baud Is there a way to have that?

    • May 07 2020 | 9:52 am
      Any update on this? Cycling is missing this information in the documentation and past forum posts seems not having a clear answer. So, does anyone knows more about this?
    • Oct 16 2020 | 8:46 am
      I would really like to know too. Is it possible to have baudrate above 115200. ?
    • Oct 16 2020 | 10:00 am
      why do you guys not try it ? It takes 10 seconds to get arduino and max patch set to test it...
    • Oct 16 2020 | 1:46 pm
      I tried... serial object does not seem to handle baudrate above 111520. So the question still remains. Or... rather is a feature request i guess.
    • Oct 16 2020 | 2:13 pm
      @Marker How did you do the test? I ask you because I have an m4l device that communicates with a teensy 3.2 (OSC messages via USB) at 2000000 baud without problems ...
    • Oct 16 2020 | 2:19 pm
      That is the point - it needs board that handles that speed. have a look at the end of the page Usable Baud Rates
    • Oct 16 2020 | 2:27 pm
      I agree! The Teensy (but if I remember correctly, also some recent Arduino boards) uses a "native" USB port at maximum speed, while some old uCs use an intermediate chip (FTDI ...) for serial data transmission ... This can reduce considerably the speed...
    • Oct 16 2020 | 5:32 pm
      @Pjeve I used an arduino Uno rev3 set to 1000000 baud and tried to send a byte via the Max Serial object. The Serial object in Max does not let you set the baudrate at @baud 1000000. (it seems) or anything above 115200. The ATmega328P chip can handle up to 2 mbit i believe. See datasheet. For me it is not about the board though... its about what the Max Serial object can handle. I believe that serial communication above an 115200 is reasonable to ask from this softwarepackage.
    • Oct 16 2020 | 6:08 pm
      As I said before, I am able to send data at 2M speed using the serial object so I think the problem does not lie in the object itself ... Also, if I remember correctly, the Arduino UNO uses the chip mentioned above to manage USB serial communication. While the 328p can handle the speeds you're talking about, you need to see the specific implementation on the board you're using. Just to better understand the question, how do you say that the serial object does not accept those values? Do you have error messages or are simply unable to communicate data? Are you sure you have set the correct speed also on the Arduino sketch?
    • Oct 17 2020 | 8:23 am
      @Pjeve okay that clear and solved then. Thx!