Serial data input problem

    Mar 06 2006 | 4:39 pm
    (I guess my previous mail bounced back. Sorry if it has been posted already
    [which I doubt...])
    I wondered if anyone on the list faced the following problem.
    I'm working on an installation using multiple serial devices plugged through
    a USAW49 serial interface. I'm not able to read in Max any message coming
    from the devices. The baudrates and the port adresses used are the right
    ones. I'm able to control external motors through serial as well. The serial
    problem seems to affect only the input data.
    A colleague programmed a python script that allows us to monitor the serial
    inputs. The console information proved to be coherent with the data read on
    the visual display of the devices. Therefore, we can assume the data "gets
    in" the mac but that max is unable to acces it...
    My patch used to work fine on an Imac (OS 10.2, Max 4.3). We tried it
    recently with different set-ups (powerbook running max 4.5.6 and OS 10.4.5
    and the same Imac running max 4.5.5 and OS 10.3.9.). The problem ocurred at
    that moment and is now persistent.
    Etienne Grenier