Serial hlep with EEG communication

    Oct 16 2006 | 10:00 pm
    hello agin, I know it's been a long time, but I fianlly got someone to help me decode this CEO Electroencephilograph machine, and I was wondering if anyone could help me decode what he has sent me back. He is a Computer Science professor that got it all to interface, so I know it's simple (to him at least :P) but I'm still struggling here.
    Here is what he sent me
    "ceo uses a very simple protocol. when you open the com port the device will send null bytes punctuated w/ 255s. if you send it an ascii 8 (backspace (BS) ), the device will then send data from the sensors in the form of 4 bytes of data separated by 2 bytes 00 F6 (hex) (or F6 00 depending on whether your system is big-endian or little endian. if you're using intel it's 00 F6, i'm pretty certain a motorola chip is F6 00). sending an ascii NULL (0) puts it back in its original mode. so when you hit the start button on the software, it opens the com port and sends a BS NULL BS to insure the device is in data send mode. when you hit the stop button, it just closes the com port (doesn't send anything to the device.)"
    PS - I'm running an iBook G4
    Here's a very simple patch of what I think he's telling me to do...but I must be wront because all I get in the max window is -status: read -1 a billion times.
    I really appreciate any help you can give.