serial object, SSC-32 servo controller

    Dec 10 2006 | 4:24 pm
    dear list,,
    I have some serial object problems,
    I am trying to send commands to a SSC-32 servo controller ( using the serial object. I am able to get the board to respond via a terminal program (Zterm) but absolutely no result via serial. (other than a registration LED on the controller which is behaving as it should)
    In searching the forum I found the advice that in addition to the usual commands, one should add "13" for or a "10" for stating a new line. All combinations of these yield no result.
    I am pretty sure the baud, parity etc. are good, Does anyone have a working patch for such a board? Thanks in advance
    G4 laptop 10.4.7 Max 4.5.5
    if you are opening patch: #3 (servo number) P100 (position of servo)