Serial Port cutting out in Live

    May 21 2013 | 7:02 am
    I have been using the serial port to read in data streams off various boards I've built which I use to control Live.  Recently, the serial port feed has started cutting out.  I get a short initial burst of data (say 100 bytes) and that's it.  When I try the same code with the same hardware on another computer, it works without problem.  I started noticing this after my Mac had a nasty crash that I suspect was related to me asking MAX to post to the output window at too high a data rate for LIVE/MAX/MSP to handle.  I've restarted my computer several times since and this issue still hasn't cleared.  Has anyone seen anything like this before and know how to get my serial line working with MAX again?  (I can stream data fine if Live is closed).)
    (Using older versions of Live 8 and Max 5 on a Mac OS 10.7)