server/list downtime: sorry for the short notice, but...

    Jun 09 2007 | 6:49 am
    Hi Folks
    We've been planning on moving our servers from a co-location facility in
    Boulder to a more reliable facility down in Denver ever since we had the
    catastrophic power failture a few months ago.
    While the initial plan was to do this in a couple weeks time, we found a
    block of time tonight that seems to work out great for everyone, so -
    and my apologies for the short notice - we're going to take the machines
    down in about 30 minutes, at 1:10am MST, and we'll hopefully have
    everything back up and running in 90 minutes, or around 2:40 am MST.
    This means both our web site(s) and mail systems will be down, and
    everything should be coming back up around the same time.
    Our apologies if this causes issues for anyone.