SessionLooper: synchronized looping without Quantization !

    Apr 30 2013 | 10:15 am
    Hey, I've just released SessionLooper. It lets you do multi-tracks synchronized live looping within the Session View, without the need of a boring metronome and/or Global Quantization. If you really want to use Global quantization, it's ok, this device won't harm you. It will just deal with your quantization setting, and makes life (even more) easier for you, lazy animals. Kind of like some Live's Looper device looping options, but with independent control over each take. Basically, SessionLooper works like this: -You record a loop, live, by playing something, yeah! -The clip's length becomes the "reference" length for the next clip. -You freely start the recording of a new clip in a new track with one click, and the device will automatically stop the recording and launch the loop for you. -This new clip's length becomes the new "reference"… - go to the next track, one click, a new loop… make music/noise.
    I'll try to make a short video soon.