set clip loop_start or loop_end to negative number?

    Feb 12 2012 | 5:24 pm
    Why can't I set either of these to be earlier than 1.1.1?
    I get an 'invalid syntax' error
    Surely this can't be a restriction...

    • Feb 13 2012 | 9:43 am
      Try setting the 1.1.1 within you clip to somewhere in the middle of your clip so that there's audio outside of the loop brace...
      The whole setting of loop_start and loop_end is fraught with problems...
      Cheers D
    • Feb 13 2012 | 11:32 am
      Hi S4racen, thanks for the tip.
      I mean though that I'm unable to move the loop before 1.1.1, when 1.1.1 is somewhere in the middle of the audio. I often have 1.1.1 set to somewhere in the middle, eg when there is a beatless intro to a track.