Setting default mouse commands for rslider


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    Nick Gourlie
    Jan 24 2023 | 7:19 am
    rslider has a bunch of great functionality with the mouse commands, but I was wondering if there is a way to set the default function when just regularly left clicking. For example, here is the list of all the rslider mouse controls: 1 - Click: Sets value range of lowest to highest 2 - Shift-click: extend the range instead of replacing it. 3 - Command-click (Mac) / Control-double-click (Win) & drag: shift the current range values up or down. 4 - Option-click (Mac) / Alt-click (Win) & vertical drag: expand or shrink the currently selected range. 5 - Command-double-click (Mac) / Control-double-click (Win): select the entire range.
    I would really like to set #3 as the default click functionality rather than #1, reason being is the device I'm building intuitively makes it seem like this would be the default function.
    Is there anyway to do this or any clever workarounds? This would be a great feature to add if not.