sflist~/sfplay~ history/changes?

    Mar 10 2006 | 9:52 pm
    Was there a significant change in either sflist~ or sfplay~
    going from Max/MSP versions 4.1 to 4.5?
    This concerns my previous question on the portability of a
    patch containing these objects and the incomplete playing
    of files when copied from one computer to another.
    It dawned on me that in every case I encountered it was in
    going from a computer with 4.1 to one with 4.5 or vice versa.
    It currently doesn't seem to be an issue in going from 4.5 to
    Does that make "historical" sense to anyone involved in or
    aware of the programming of either of these 2 objects?

    • Mar 10 2006 | 10:26 pm
      The main hidden issue to be aware of is that sflist~ and sfplay~ need
      to have the same buffer amounts, but that if there is no manual
      buffer size argument, a default one (calculated at the time of patch
      creation and stored in the patch) will be used. As releases have gone
      by, the default disk buffer size has increased, so if you have an
      sflist ~ object placed in a patch in an earlier version, but an
      sfplay~ object which has been placed in a patch in a later version,
      you will experience these problems. You might also experience
      problems simply from the older smaller buffer sizes.
      So the solution is to either re-type these objects as you have, or to
      manually set a buffer size in both sfplay~ and sflist to be the same
      thing (I recommend the latter for certainty's sake).
      Another issue to be aware of is that if you want reliable playback,
      you may want to disable hard disk sleep.