sfplay~ preload problem

    Apr 26 2007 | 10:10 am
    For the umpteenth time in this forum, an issue with sfplay~ (sorry for that!).
    I would like to preload in a sfplay~ any audio file contained in a folder, and set the bidirectional flag to 1. Hovewer, from the third cue, a series of errors occur:
    print: preload 3 OSX:/Users/bruno/Desktop/Spawc/Suoni/Loops/l2wav.wav 2477.000000 4954.000000 1 1.000000 sfplay~: truncating cue 3
    I think I'm not understanding the sense of "start" and "end" position of a cue. If I have to preload two files of 500ms, should I preload the first one from 0 to 500 and the second one from 501 to 1001? Isn't it?
    Look at this patch that explain the problem, just clicking on the bang message and reading the messages on the max window:

    • Apr 26 2007 | 11:21 am
      Ooops, solved! I didn't understand the mechanism of start and end... now everything it's ok, very sorry for spamming!