sfplay~ size limit...

    May 07 2006 | 1:33 pm
    Greetings all. Just read an old post from Mr Clayton in 2002 that seems relevant to a problem that I am having and I was wondering if its still the case...
    -- Similarly sfplay~ is limited to playback files of size < ~2 GB. Perhaps once 64-bit processors are the norm, this 32-bit limit will be addressed. --
    I am trying to load a monster 8 channel file on a XP Max install and am getting a -1 error (the file is admittedly over 6GB in size...)
    I guess the way to deal with it is to snip it into tasty bite size chunks...
    Can anyone verify this..or is it another problem perhaps...
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    • May 08 2006 | 4:38 pm
      Coincidentally, I just tried recording to sfrecord~ and the 2GB limit bit me. Still there.
      I Googled around a bit and found confirmation that this seems, still, to be a general limit of WAV and AIFF. Some of the discussion I found was on the general consideration of 32-bit vs. 64-bit addressing for files. Looking at the AIFF description (for instance, http://ww.borg.com/~jglatt/tech/aiff.htm) makes it pretty clear that the 2GB limit is going to stay until there is a major, possibly incompatible, extension to the foramt.
      One of the other discussions I found stated that those "monster 8 channel files on... XP" are usually proprietary extensions to the WAV format. Don't know if this is so in your case, but if they are proprietary, well, enjoy cutting them into tasty gigabyte-sized chunks.-
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    • May 10 2006 | 11:51 pm
      Curious. I have been using Nuendo to generate the audio files and each 8 Channel file is about 6.4 GB in size. They are saved in .aif format and Nuendo has no problem playing back the files afterwards.... Perhaps it uses custom extension of .wav and .aif
      hmm... thanks for your thoughts....