sfrecord~ problems

    Apr 09 2006 | 10:10 pm
    I'm having wierd problems and I've isolated the issue to the simple example attached.
    This patch should record/create a new 1 sec aiff every 3 seconds... most of the time it does this but often seemingly random files will be zero kb.. or are just tiny or corrupted in some way.
    Leaving this patch running for more than a couple of hours will repeatedly cause my install of max to crash. (using internal soundcard/mic to test). I'm not running out of disk space or coming close.
    e.g I just ran it.. it froze after creating 45 files.. no's 22 + 23 were 4kb instead of the expected 176kb. (It's different files corrupted everytime)
    I'm running: OSX 10.4.3 1.5ghz Powerbook, 1gb ram, 20gb spare on the drive. Max/MSP 4.5.7.
    Hope someone can test this simple patch for me.

    • Apr 22 2006 | 8:28 pm
      Do you want to create specificly sepeate files? or were u intending to make them all into one big one at the end. Either way I'd reccomend you use Record~ with buffer~. If you turn append on, you can automate it so that it will continue to record until stopped. I did this for a project a few weeks back recording from a television signal. It recorded 2 second files every 5 seconds happily for 4 hours straight without dying. All you need to then is feed write to buffer, and you should (touch wood) have a zero free lag free aiff. Hope this helps. T