[shameless plug] - operand - transient series [music]

    Nov 25 2010 | 12:21 pm
    hello all,
    thought i would post on here a shameless plug for a three album series i have completed.
    the series is called the 'transient series'. using only the operand application [which is built in max 5] that i sell on my website, also a machinedrum and electric guitar. the operand program had also beta features in, for future updates to the software. operand is also my alias music name. this has been an enjoyable experience to do, to let my hair down and really music that i felt i needed to make. getting all the sounds i have in my head out in the open.
    there are three albums, spanning over fifty minutes for each one, each has nine tracks on. • transient actions. 0002 • transient responses. 0003 • transient presence. 0004
    i have some tracks from each loaded into the auricular branch soundcloud page, for auditioning amongst with other tracks i have made. www.soundcloud.com/auricularbranch/sets
    also the albums can be bought in higher res mp3 [with pages of digital artwork] from www.smokingbunny.co.uk
    have fun and enjoy.
    lewis edwards ------ smokingbunny.co.uk