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    Sep 04 2013 | 2:17 am
    I made something one or the other here could like:
    Max is the core of this project. It's an improvisation and all realtime, with some minor postprocessing. The visuals are not Jitter though.
    I don't know if you like it but why no also share something you made here? I think there is a bit little artistic exchange here on the forums, maybe a subforum would make sense? So the people (like me) wouldn't hesitate to post something here where technical things are surely the focus and should stay the focus, I think. Sure, aesthetic ideas or works come up often and are the ultimate reason for nearly all the content of the forums here, but they are very seldomly presented just as they are.. rather as a by-product of a technical presentation/question.

    • Sep 04 2013 | 2:56 am
    • Sep 04 2013 | 6:02 am
      Great stuff! Both of you. Keep up the good work.
      Also I would like to second the idea of having a forum to present and discuss the aesthetics of projects.
    • Sep 04 2013 | 6:16 am
      Nice ones. Woyteg, what did you use for the visuals ?
    • Sep 04 2013 | 8:15 am
      Yes, Woyteg, do tell us what you used for the visuals.
    • Sep 04 2013 | 8:49 am
      Vimeo mentions: generative Audio visual Improvisation. Audio: Max/Msp, Nord Modular, analog stuff.. Video: Touchdesigner 077
      Well done indeed!
    • Sep 04 2013 | 12:18 pm
      sorry, I didn't want to sound mysterious about the visuals.. I just have a bad concience about having said that I prefer TD much over Jitter several times on this forum :)
    • Sep 04 2013 | 3:28 pm
      I have always been impressed with Touchdesigner. Is it possible to create that kind of quality output with Jitter?
    • Sep 04 2013 | 3:45 pm
      Hm, I don't want to say something obvious, but yes sure you can. It's just more work I think. And you should really know how to deal with custom shaders and GPU accelerated workflow overall. TD cares for many things itself. When i changed from jitter it was much more behind TD than it is now I think.. I just havent looked at it for any serious 3d or compositing stuff for a long time. Rather use it for matrix processing / tracking and all that stuff. btw. vvvv can also do nice things(not made by me):
      So don't take my critizism too seriously.
    • Sep 04 2013 | 5:24 pm
      Wow vvvv is pretty impressive! Too bad it is windows only.
    • Sep 04 2013 | 5:29 pm
      thanks for the update!
    • Sep 04 2013 | 5:45 pm
      Here is a question, what does vvvv have that Jitter does not?
    • Sep 04 2013 | 7:13 pm
      boygrouping! Spreads! these are pretty great. uhm.. It's spetialised on visual stuff, so I guess there might be a lot. Free, for non-commercial use. Opensource. Linux implementation plans and prototypes. integrated C++(or was it java, migt it be for HLSL?) super slick editor. I don't know. But if you search you will find threads on this(?) or other forums comparing those environments. greets
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    • Sep 05 2013 | 1:41 am
      "where technical things are surely the focus and should stay the focus, I think."
      there are no rules as to what should be the focus. thanks for bringing a little warmth amidst all the cold technicality, great thread! (it's threads like this that make me want to behave myself and participate more earnestly... 'tis after all, hard to take folks seriously about their technical expertise, when you never see it in practice within their artistic expertise ;D)
      i should probably leave something here, then... did not post this here before(i think?)... was afraid it wouldn't go over well, but these days, i'm comfortably in the habit of embarassing myself... an amateur looking video flyer for our first release couple years ago:
      (used andrew benson's data-moshing stuff from long ago, and jit.eclipse... but then edited it together in iMovie :p vvvv would've been much better and felt more natural :) and the music has some of EricLyon's FFTease effects ...hey, not bad for low-budget/free publicity ;{p )
      Great vid, Woyteg, (reminds me of Autechre vids, but even more current in look... my own looks pitiful in comparison, you've got great attention to detail and polished finish) :) Also, Gregory's track is mighty beautiful.
    • Sep 05 2013 | 4:32 am
      @ raja, I can remember parts of that vid, I was very impressed when I fiirst saw it. But I was impressed each time I tried to find out what you are messing around with(especially the monome impros), keep up the good work! I'm a bit tired right now and don't want to stretch this point to much, but earnest participation, or earnesty in arts is a big point for me.. there is so much cynicism in arts these days.
      about the vvvv td jitter thing: anybody managed to cast shadows already in jitter?
    • Sep 05 2013 | 2:18 pm
      still waiting for that vvvv group purchase of c74.
    • Sep 05 2013 | 3:22 pm
      Nice work Raja! One thing I do like about vvvv is that it has more higher level abstraction for doing generative geometry. Maybe C74 can add something in the future that will make this easier.
    • Sep 05 2013 | 6:58 pm
      Woyteg wrote: "I’m a bit tired right now and don’t want to stretch this point to much, but earnest participation, or earnesty in arts is a big point for me.. there is so much cynicism in arts these days."
      i won't stretch it then... but will say one bit of my peace and then be done here: purely in earnest. in my opinion, there's not enough humor anywhere anymore. People often mistake being earnest with being too arrogant and proud(they end up taking themselves too seriously and i feel this is what makes me disrespect so much art these days: self-absorption... my own and others'). The cynicism you speak of is simply the younger generations, finally growing into the shitty resource-less world that the older generations left them behind with so neglectfully, and choosing not to let the shittiness of that world right now take them over(when things are this shitty, you have to be able to laugh at yourself, and if you don't see them as being that shitty, then you are seated within some kind of privilege i myself would desire). I, myself, do not have the privilege of discarding this protective coat of cynicism yet. If anyone wanted less cynicism in the world, they'd have to do some real work to make it a more accomodating place for future generations(but the older artists i've known: mort subotnik, james tenney, david zicharelli, ...well, pretty much all the older, well-recognized older-gen folks i've met, have this nonchalant, discard-the-young-when-they-do-not-serve-immediate-use attitude(most folks will not see this because when they meet them they're too busy kissing their ass, but not me).... with one single exception: Miller Puckette. Miller is the only real gentleman out of that entire generation.
      So you'll excuse me, but cynicism and deprecating humor is literally the most essential survival-instinct i can employ.
      AnthonyPalomba wrote: "One thing I do like about vvvv is that it has more higher level abstraction for doing generative geometry."
    • Sep 05 2013 | 10:24 pm
      With cynicism I wasn't meaning humor actuallly. Humor is great. I feel like I have problems here because english is not my native language but I'll try. There is a sort of avantgarde cynicism, a not at all humorous way of trying to say at least as possible. I hope I don't offend anybody with this, and maybe I am wrong, that's just my impression.
    • Sep 05 2013 | 10:41 pm
      I just wanted to say this clearly once more, I didn't mean humor in arts (or whereever) at all. I like humor(also in arts). It's the contrary I wanted to say.
    • Sep 06 2013 | 5:47 am
      "There is a sort of avantgarde cynicism, a not at all humorous way of trying to say at least as possible."
      ah, yes, you are right, there is a snooty attitude from those who consider themselves more 'in-the-know' than the rest. and they draw a mystique about themselves by acting withdrawn or mysteriously succinct, but it is really just another form of self-absorption(same in dysfunction but opposite in delivery as my outspokenness here).
      "I didn’t mean humor in arts"
      no worries! i didn't take it that way... i, myself, was just talking shit :D (quite unrelated to anything you said, in fact, i just went off on a tangent... just to see where i would go...for the sake of earnest art!)
      humor is a strange thing, here's a good example, look at this recent article on trent reznor from NPR.... no don't worry! you don't have to read the article... scroll down to the comments and check out SimonRivas's post about how he intended the unicorn-video he made of trent in 'jest':
      it's difficult to parse negative and positive from humor. which makes it so subjective. but sometimes, in humor, you have to build up a negative in order to make a greater positive reveal. and other times, you simply fail. either way, the jest is always positive for the joker... so perhaps it's the audience who has the only real power to ruin the joke. hmmmm.... deeep thoughts.... naaaaahhhh! i'm just talking shit again! >:D