Shapes reacting against the movement tracked by kinect?

    Apr 21 2012 | 4:43 pm
    I'm trying to make a moving graphic interacts with body movement tracked by Kinect.
    I could make a group of shapes follows the movement but I cant make those shapes react against the movement. For example, 12 triangles bounced buy hand stroking.
    I assumed there are 3 stages of this operation.
    1. calculate distances between objects and body part.
    2. If the distances are less then 0.2
    3. trigger the reaction
    there are several problems to solve.
    I managed to calculated the distances from objects to body parts (not perfectly correct though)
    but the rest of the part I have no idea how I could do it.
    I have been experimenting but still I couldn't figure it out.
    please, give me some help

    • Apr 22 2012 | 10:40 am
      I'm working with slidin. The question is how to detect the collision between a line and a triangle. I found the following program ( that I translated into Max. It's getting complicated, I hope someone can help !!
      // Find Triangle Normal
      Normal.cross( P2 - P1, P3 - P1 );
      Normal.normalize(); // not really needed? Vector3f does this with cross.
      // Find distance from LP1 and LP2 to the plane defined by the triangle
      float Dist1 = (R1-P1).dot( Normal );
      float Dist2 = (R2-P1).dot( Normal );
      if ( (Dist1 * Dist2) >= 0.0f) {
      return false;
      } // line doesn't cross the triangle.
      if ( Dist1 == Dist2) {
      return false;
      } // line and plane are parallel
      In order to do the dot.product, cross.product, I used Zachary's abstractions (