[Share] dschihadelay - a glitch delay

    Dec 31 2009 | 2:39 pm
    Hi there,
    after cleaning up my laptop and stumbling over the old monohad code (Max5 port of Apparat/Modeselektor performance patch dschihad), I decided to port the random delay section into a little m4l device.
    Essentially, it's a stereo single-tap random delay with random delay time, random feedback, random filter cutoff and random panning. The delay can be synced to Live transport, so that the random values are recalculated in sync with the transport.
    The boundaries for the value ranges (delay time, feedback and cutoff) can be automated with Live automation as well as the resonance and dry/wet settings (all bipolar).
    The device has two identical filter units which can both be switched off as well, one inside the delay feedback loop as well as a post-delay filter. It also supports feedback freeze and a filter mode switch which either outputs a mixed wet/dry signal or just the wet portion.
    If using the resonance while having the feedback filter activated don't forget your limiter.
    As usual, the device can be downloaded at http://mrflakey.com
    enjoy and a happy new year,