[share] New Max for Live MIDI effect: VArp-101 variable arpeggiator

    Jun 19 2013 | 1:24 pm
    I have recently been experimenting with Max for Live and building various devices in it. I have just finished the first one that's (just about) good enough to let out into the world. I present to you VArp-101, a MIDI Effect which acts as a flexible arpeggiator/note repeater, with features including flexible note duration/rhythm modes, a number of arpeggiation modes and rhythm patterns (including random and a single-note mode), and repetition controls for both note pitches and durations.
    VArp-101 is on GitHub, at https://github.com/andrewcb/varp-101. This is the first project I've built that I've seen fit to share with a wider audience, and as such, my code is probably still a bit less than ideal. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback on it.
    Cheers, -- acb