[share] XLFO - expanded LFO with sync options, quantization, oneshot, and more

    Jun 24 2013 | 9:25 pm
    Hi all, I just released a device that's based off of the cool new LFO in Live 9. I've added several new performance-focused controls as well as shaping controls.
    XLFO adds oneshot, reset, and takeover modes. Oneshot mode is particularly handy for those times when you need an LFO for part of the measure, but not all of it. It can be activated with the Re-Trigger button, as well as at a user-specified interval. With Reset switched on, the LFO will reset to the specified phase at the specified time, and this works whether the LFO is in Sync or Freq mode. The Reset Rate can be faster or slower than the LFO's frequency so you can get some interesting effects by playing with this.
    Takeover mode allows you to temporarily replace the LFO with a manually controlled value. Good for times when you need to break things up. The LFO keeps running in the background, so it'll still be in sync when you switch back. You can also specify a cross-fade time for this! For example, using a rect wave LFO and with the takeover knob turned all the way up, and the Fade value set to 4 measures, if you switch on takeover, the rect wave's bottom value will creep its way up to the top over four measures.
    There are a lot of ways to shape the output. Each LFO shape has a different morph function. For instance, the sine wave will turn into a triangle wave with the morph knob all the way to the left, and into a square wave with the knob all the way to the right. The weighting knob allows you to apply an exponential/linear/logarithmic weighting to the values, skewing them towards the top or bottom. There are independent controls for smoothing ascending vs descending values which are also linkable. Finally, the output can be quantized to multiples of sixteenths in a manner similar to Ableton's AutoFilter.
    The range of the phase knob is adjustable, up to 720º, so it's possible to do some phasing type effects, and the min/max controls are available for the mapping.
    It's pay what you want and available here:http://www.subtlesonic.com/xlfo
    P.S. The device's DSP is down-sampled by a factor of 16, so it consumes about as much CPU as the original.