[sharing] A Brief Review of Current-gen Game Controllers for Max Usage

    May 29 2015 | 1:17 pm
    So I bought all three current-gen game controllers with the idea of using them as wireless controllers for Max patches in mind. After some testing, here's my subjective conclusion. For reference I'm on a Mac with Yosemite and Max 6.
    Tl;dr: if you want to use one controller, choose dualshock 4; if you want to use multiple controller, try the combination of Wii U pro controller and the third party pc adapter (http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Wii-Pro-Controller-Adapter/dp/B00E6553PW).
    Sony Dualshock 4
    DS4 works out of box as a wireless HID controller, just pair it with your computer via bluetooth. It feels really great in hands and the L2/R2 give you a nice feedback when pressed. However both Sixaxis and trackpad doesn't work without driver (and I don't know if there is a driver for mac).
    This is the controller I will use for Max. I made a package to abstract DS4's raw inputs to Max messages. Check it here: https://github.com/larme/zsy.ds4.
    Pros: Very comfortable Work out of box as a wireless HID controller
    Cons: Battery life You can only use one DS4 due to the [hi] object's limitation. No Sixaxis yet Trackpad doesn't work except the click function.
    Wii U Pro Controller
    I didn't make the Wii U pro controller work as a wireless HID controller. However I have a pc adapter and it allows you to use up to 4 pro controller simultaneously as HID controllers. I don't have another pro controller to test this function but I think two pro controllers will just output different HID data so making a patch work with several pro controllers should be a simple task.
    This pro controller doesn't have analog triggers. L2/R2 are digital hence you lose some inputs compare with the other 2 controllers.
    I have small hands and the dpad on pro controller is too far to be comfortably reached. Otherwise it's a nice controller.
    Pros: Pair with the adapter and you may use 4 controllers at once Long battery life With the adapter the connection feels more stable than DS4.
    Cons: L2 and R2 are digital only, which means they only output 0s and 1s. What R U thinking Nintendo! Not as comfortable as the other two controllers Seems not work as a standalone wireless controller without the pc adapter (not sure about that).
    Xbox one controller
    I have nothing to say about this controller because currently it doesn't work wirelessly on PC/Mac at all.
    Pros: Feels good in hand Accept AA batteries
    Cons: Doesn't work as a wireless controller at all. L1 and R1 triggers feel surprisingly cheap