[sharing] Instant Jitter Render Controls

    Feb 17 2012 | 9:52 pm
    I've been working with various versions of this for a while now, and it saves me a lot of time so I thought I would share. This is a bpatcher which aggregates a lot of common controls that get used with jit.gl.render and jit.window, and then a connected sub patcher with the actual objects in.
    The purpose in doing it this way is to provide a small compact interface for the render controls (as you should never usually need to edit these), but allow access to the jit.gl.render and jit.window objects by placing them outside.
    Features include context name, window floating and visibility, render on/off, render speed (fps), render fps gauge, erase_color selector, fsaa on/off, ortho on/off, lens angle adjust, window width and height adjustment (with automatic aspect ratio correction), aspect ratio selection, window positioning, window homing (returns to 0, 0) and finally, full preset saving.
    For best results, save as a clipping in the Max6/patches/clippings directory and past it in when you quickly need a render context. If you save a preset then the bpatcher will automatically be dirtied, so you can't accidentally close your patcher and lose it. Comments welcome!
    Edit: This is a Max 6 patch, but you could just edit it to get rid of 'routepass' to use it with Max 5.

    • Feb 18 2012 | 11:41 am
      nice! quite useful, tanx. i usually copy this stuff out of previous projects. this is much cleaner.
      after a first quick look i only seem to miss a jit.window sync parameter.
    • Feb 18 2012 | 6:23 pm
      Good suggestion, I've added that in.
    • Feb 18 2012 | 7:30 pm
      That's great David. Thanks a lot!
    • Mar 13 2012 | 8:34 am
      I can't make this work. Could someone help/tell me what you do.
      I've tried pasting it from the clippings directory and saving it as different patch.
      I've called the context name the same.
      Maybe it works, but I don't know where the patch saves the movies and what they're called.
    • Mar 16 2012 | 8:44 am
      Thx, it's clean and useful. One question : could you explain me what is the "dirty" message to [thispatcher] object for ?
    • Mar 16 2012 | 3:06 pm
      @Home Surgery
      Place the patch in your clippings folder, you can then paste it into a patch by right-clicking in the patcher window, selecting 'paste from' and choosing the render controls patch. Initialise the system by clicking on the first preset.
      The dirty message is called when a preset is stored. This forces Max to prompt the user to save the patch if they try to close it. The purpose is to prevent a user from losing saved preset settings by accidentally closing the patch without saving.