[sharing is for asswipes] The 'Bin Amp Sustainerer'

    Apr 11 2014 | 1:40 am
    How are you? How's that local sports team doin? Fine weather we're having. I just stopped by to drop the second in the 'sharing is for asswipes' series. (First was here, in case you missed it: https://cycling74.com/forums/sharing-is-for-asswipes-anaechowat-a-unique-delay-made-in-gen/ )
    A 'Bin Amp Sustainerer' (trademark/patent pending)
    This thang, takes stft bin amplitudes above a certain threshold and sustains them using a delay-with-feedback(that's my best technical description of it anyways :p). Sounds a bit like eric lyon's 'thresher~' object from his FFTease collection(probably many things on this site that do this already... but here this is :p). Most importantly, it was an exercise in coming up with a polar version of something, and then converting via complex math into a cartesian equivalent of the patch. (to be honest, this could probably be done entirely without gen~, but i am a gen~oholic(only reason i'm here yet again :p), and insist on trying to make as much of my patches in gen~ as possible... not for efficiency reasons, but more for the thrill of the hunt! the scare of the chase!! the lesson of the beatings!!! the immortality inherent in death!!!! ....no... no wait... those words were supposed to refer to some other delusion of mine.... sorry... very sorry... i just use gen~ cuz it's fun).
    I humbly apologize in advance for not commenting much within the patches and possibly missing things here and there(for example, the polar has an extra delay stage i was too busy to add into the cartesian, etc.... gotta keep moving to the next creation). But i basically commented what i thought was most important in the cartesian version of the gen~ patch(if you can understand the complex version, the polar version should be no prob...). If you have trouble understanding this stuff even after reading my comments, the best way i can help you is pointing you to these sources of info.: Eric Lyon's book: http://www.amazon.com/Designing-Audio-Objects-Max-MSP/dp/B009LLXIVC
    Gareth Loy's 'Musimathics: Vol II' (very important!) http://www.musimathics.com/
    and the pvoc tutorial(part 1 and 2) right here on this site: https://cycling74.com/2006/11/02/the-phase-vocoder-%E2%80%93-part-i/
    (actually, all i needed for this patch was right there in part 1... but i have a top-secret-government-restricted timbral-interpolation patch i figured out recently too, which required a bit more from part ii(rotating phases by complex sin/cos in quadrature ;p), so i recommend reading that one, too)
    Anyhooo... did i miss anything? let's see... i mentioned my apology for possibly missing something... so i guess that's it! >;D Aright then, enjoy :)

    • Apr 11 2014 | 7:09 am
      Good to have you back, and in creative mode too!
      I also love gen, and the minimal comments thing is arguably better. It encourages auto-didactics. I really GOTTA get Eric's book. And Gareth's.
    • Apr 11 2014 | 8:13 pm
      "and the minimal comments thing is arguably better. It encourages auto-didactics."
      ah, cool, was hoping so.
      Thanks Brendan :)