[sharing is fun] drawing waveforms from buffer~: lcd, jit.lcd, and jit.gl.sketch

    Jun 10 2006 | 8:41 pm
    This patch draws a waveform using 3 different methods. OK, maybe 2.5, since jit.lcd is pretty much the same as regular lcd. Of course, this is sort of re-inventing the wheel, but this wheel has cool rims: it draws a waveform in openGL, too :) It includes adjustments for resolution, and for openGL, zoom and scroll. I thought some might find this useful...

    • Jun 11 2006 | 1:52 am
      Hi, I hope this thread becomes perpetual. Id love to see some neat tricks people come up with.
      Here is a little patch that uses automatic 0 techniques to do some letterboxing in openGL, and breakpoint functions to animate camera paths around a model, and separate rendering destinations to give you a 4 angle view of the scene like in maya/3D studio modeling programs... I hope its helpful and fun to people,
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