[sharing is fun] ken burns style effect

    Jan 26 2012 | 12:05 am
    Just thought I'd post this in case anyone found it interesting or useful. Searched the forums and didn't find anything like it so created on myself. Load in an image, enable the toggles and watch an endless ken burns effect :)
    It's quite simple, and could really do with some easing (not too sure of how to implement that yet) and probably a bit more work on aspect ratios!

    • Jan 30 2012 | 9:31 pm
      Ok, I've been using this effect within another project and experimenting a bit, and now I'm stuck. Everytime I load a new image into it, if it's large and takes a noticeable amount of time to decode, the whole effect just freezes until it's finished loading. Is there any thing I can do to fix this?
      Many thanks
    • Jan 30 2012 | 9:58 pm
      Quick update, I've tried changing the 'read' message to an 'asyncread', which does help significantly, but it doesn't quite solve the problem. I have also added tried placing the [jit.qt.movie] in another top level patcher (which I assume means a new thread) and sending the matrix name to the [jit.gl.texture] thinking this would completely resolve the issue. However no such luck :(
      Any good ideas on how to optimise a patch like that (I effectively have 5 instances of the original patch attached)? Or do I just have to preload all the content I need before running?
      Many thanks
    • Jan 30 2012 | 10:58 pm
      I haven't looked at your patch put if preloading isn't an option you could use the java quicktime player in this thread:
      I compiled it and it worked well - I think it creates a low priority thread for the loading.
    • Feb 01 2012 | 6:38 pm
      Ah interesting! Thanks for the hint. I'll see what happens when I implement that class into it all :)
    • Feb 02 2012 | 7:15 pm
      Or if u use only stills make a film with all the stills and just use the "frame" message to switch between images... Did I understand u correctly?
    • Feb 04 2012 | 3:56 pm
      Ah, also a very good point! Thanks for the idea :)