Sharing is fun! Save all colls into one!

    Sep 07 2008 | 1:30 am
    Hi Maxers!
    I'm here to share a little patch that I wrote... nothing new but now it's more easy to add some stuff!
    This patch is a "coll joiner" that you can use to grab all colls and put all data together to "save" your work in one file.
    next time you open your patch, just "load" the saved file and continue working.
    Inside there are instructions on how to add more colls to the patch... as many as you need. It was made on 4.6 but it should work very well on 5! ...not so sure about the layout!
    Well! Thanks for trying and "upgrades/suggestions" are welcome!
    Bye bye Maxers

    • Sep 07 2008 | 10:32 pm
      Sorry Maxers!
      Bug found.... now you can load properly!
    • Sep 08 2008 | 12:26 pm
      Great idea. I created a different version that allows you to store all your colls in one master coll by attaching them to an abstraction. It works in a similar way to pattr.
      Sorry they're in Max5 format but I uploaded as files so you can use the Supercollider script to change back to Max4 if you want.
    • Sep 08 2008 | 12:55 pm
      I like the idea, but i think it currently requires a lot of setting up, the whole thing is kinda bulky. I'd rather have some function just collect from colls i want it to use, rather than basing my entire data storing on this.
      Lemme try a patch...i'd like know whether there are things missing that you need.
    • Sep 30 2008 | 3:54 pm
      Another delve into the past but I've been internet-less for some time so I'm a month or so behind reading posts on the list. Here's my take on saving multiple [coll]s into one master [coll].
      It doesn't need and send or receives or grabs or adding extra bits depending on the number of [colls] you need to save so it should be a bit simpler than some of the examples posted in this thread. However, if you do notice anything going horribly wrong let me know.
      The inlet accepts "save" followed by list of coll names to store in [coll allcoll] and "load" message to return all data to the specified colls. All other messages are sent directly to [coll allcoll]. Symbol indexes are accepted and index order is always maintained. However the word "symbol" cannot be the first element at any index and at present multiple indexes are not supported (the "assoc" and "nstore" messages). I hope this brightens up someone's day!
    • Oct 01 2008 | 7:32 am
      Luke schrieb: > Here's my take on saving multiple [coll]s into one master [coll].
      If jeremy is following this thread, I'd like to remember that there where requests to include colls into pattrstorage. Maybe the outlined examples here lead to an idea?
      I would add an attribute to coll, "save with pattrstorage". It then would just include the whole coll into the xml file of the mentioned pattrstorage, as if it where saved with the patch. It could also be the existing "save with patcher" attribute with an additional mode. Instead of a checkbox it would turn into a menu with "don't save", "save with patcher", "save with pattrstorage"...
      (Or just connect it to an autopattr...)
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