[sharing is fun] video step sequencer: please critique

    May 30 2006 | 4:47 am
    Hi everyone,
    I've made a video step sequencer. It was a fun and educational process and I'd love to get some feedback on it so I can make it better.
    I designed it for use in live performance -- specifically an acting-and-visuals piece I'm working on -- so that I could move the laptop out of the way and concentrate on acting. Hence the controls are very simple and automatic. However, I did design it with other uses in mind, i.e., it's reusable.
    Features: it reads in up to 8 videos (at present) from either QT movies or live camera (jit.qt.record), loops one or all steps, plays forward, backward, or palindrome with variable speed, is resettable and skippable, i.e., play next/previous/jump to step _n_. Also it's fully abstracted so that you can add multiple sequencer instantiations.
    Please try to break it! I tried to foolproof it but I'm sure someone can find a way to make it mess up. :) Any feedback you might have on abstraction, optimization, etc would be very welcome.
    1. Download (http://danwinckler.com/files/sequencer.zip) and unzip 2. Open sequencer/sequencer_test (main patch) 3. Follow the instructions in the patch to load in movies or live camera clips. 4. Smash! Destroy! Confuse! Opine!
    Note: this patch uses "_" (prepend set) from the Jasch objects (http://www.jasch.ch/dl/).
    thanks, dan