[sharing is playing] Basic Kinect Playground Starter Kit

    Jan 18 2012 | 11:49 pm
    Hi all,
    So, it does not appear that I will have time this semester to work on this, so I thought I would send it out to all to play with.
    Its a VERY simple Kinect starting point, with a little physics and triggering for fun. I didn't get very far.. the next step was to add a 6of to create a pushing bag, some particle snow, a video of my face on the head cube, and add some sliders to play with... as you can see, I had a Christmas theme going, but didn't get much further than the tree and a few snowballs :)
    You will need: A Kinect Synapse (or another way to udpsend on 12345) Max 6 (for the physics stuff, the body should still work in Max 5
    Plug up your Kinect, Start up Synapse, Launch the patcher Turn on the metro, and strike the cactus pose! Turn on the dynamics to get the snowballs to fall and kick them around... the boxes make a simple beep to show you triggered it
    I promise nothing, but I hope this will help those of you wanting to get all your 3D point's in one place and into Jitter (do we still call it that now that its just one thing?..hmmmm)
    Also, I think it would be kinda fun to make this thread a Kinect "playground" where you share things that you do with this for all to have fun with... in particular, beginners.

    • Feb 04 2012 | 5:39 pm
      thanks! today i wanted to do a performance with kinect and an old quartz patch but it seems that this won`t run on lion so i was looking for an max patch and found this. lets see what i can make out of it in the next hours :-)