[sharing is saving pandas] something like a floating point version of matrixctrl

    Jul 11 2010 | 2:04 pm
    Hello maxers !
    here is an abstraction i made, which is a matrix composed of flonum objects ? something like that... anyway it's rather useful for me, so i think someone else might think as well. Oh and it's maybe kind of dirty, buggy and heavy programming but it just works that way so...
    anyway here it is. Helpfile in french and english.
    I would appreciate any feedback :)

    • Jul 11 2010 | 3:10 pm
      You could try to achieve something similar using dial mode and creating a string of images, perhaps a screenshot of the [number] or [flonum] object from max which you can then use as the cell images in [matrixctrl]. If you do need it to output floats you can always scale the numbers outside of the object.
    • Jul 11 2010 | 3:16 pm
      my bad ! i didn't know... hm anyway, the way you increase one cell's value by dragging the mouse up and down can't be repoduced that way, as well a reaching +∞ or -∞ values. Or can it ?
    • Jul 12 2010 | 5:08 am
      You do need to set a min and max value, which is determined by the number of images in your "number-box cell" string of images. Check "Dial Mode" in the matrixctrl Inspector to activate the mouse up/down dragging motion.
      Check out "Knobman" (free):
      it makes it really simple to make the long horizontal string of images you'll need for each of the cell's steps/states. Not sure if you can do a number box image, but possibly. Great stuff.
      Also you could just patch up a whole string of number boxes in a row, set each to ascending numbers, and use a screenshot of that for your image. You'll need to be exact though, so make sure the boxes are a standard size which snaps evenly to your grid (like 40 pixels on a 10 x 10 grid).
    • Jul 12 2010 | 5:10 pm
      knobman is windows only. I would have used it with pleasure though...
      anyway the whole thing doesn't seem as convenient to me as a Max float number box is ;)
    • Jul 12 2010 | 7:14 pm
      anyway the whole thing doesn't seem as convenient to me as a Max float number box is ;)
      especially when you try holding Shift for finer control :)
    • Jul 14 2010 | 10:01 am
      I just installed Knobman into wine (http://darwine.sourceforge.net/) on Snow Leopard. You might need to install also python 2.6. It simply works, I just needed some time to discover that you have to give a filename without extension on export. It will save a .tga file which can be converted into png with preview...