[sharing is sharing] djrone - DJ Style Drone App

    Sep 27 2010 | 4:16 pm
    hcllc wcrld
    here's my new app. it is a sample-based drone-ish/oval-like sound generator. it has two decks of x/y controller and dj-like master section with isolators.
    shortcuts are: front row of the keyboard [z to m] control mutes of deck1. second row of the keyboard [a to j] control mutes of deck2. shift+[z to m] i.e. capital Z to M open properties of deck1. shift+[a to j] i.e. capital A to J open properties of deck2. [o] let you select a sample folder for deck1 from which samples are randomly chosen. [p] let you select a sample folder for deck2 from which samples are randomly chosen.
    you can drag and drop samples to waveform display. also you can grab the center line of isolator to change the center freq.
    hope you enjoy...

    • Sep 28 2010 | 8:52 am
      This is awesome.
      A few things, after a few minutes of use : - i would inverse the sliders for degrade and bitcrusher. - there's a glitch coming twice when you select a playing zone in the waveform editors
      Thanks a lot
    • Sep 28 2010 | 1:35 pm
      Very nice! And some cool UI stuff going on there there... I did notice that running it on my machine (Macbook pro, 10.5.8)that the level meter/loop size display effect on each voice or part (or whatever you call it) in a scene displays differently to how it appears on the youtube video - the horizontal edges of the object that represents the part is being modulated inward (not the left and right edges as the video shows) This means it bscures the identifier of the "voice" or part that is playing when a larger sized loop is being used.
    • Sep 28 2010 | 1:41 pm
      Better explanation...
    • Sep 28 2010 | 2:10 pm
      I likes Mesa, How do i open all the subpatches in this. Cant find the buffers anywhere?
    • Sep 28 2010 | 2:32 pm
      Found them.
    • Sep 28 2010 | 5:55 pm
      thanks guys for feedbacks. i really appreciate.
      @f.e. the noise you hear is a scrub noise and delayed signal of that. i wonder if there is mouse up option in [waveform~], there is none as far as i know... maybe in max5. as far as the directions of degrade, it always makes me wonder which is the right direction because you are "lowering" the sound quality as you "increase" the degradeness...
      @spectro yeah this is very interesting... i didn't expect this. this is i think [lcd] versions of max5 vs. max4 issue.
      i ran my patch on win max5 and got the same result... looks like [lcd] in max5 doesn't take |pensize 0 0|. buttons looks a little different too... this probably works fine with 4.6 runtime.
      @Patrick Keenan this seems like a late notice but buffers are in subpatchers called "deck1". i'm not sure if this is a good practice or not, but each drawing and dsp are in the same subpatcher... also if you click the message right below the [lcd] with something like |windows...| then patch will allow you to expand the canvas.
    • Sep 28 2010 | 7:15 pm
      Very nice UI work. I like the use of space to define sound.
    • Sep 29 2010 | 8:08 am
      but to be honest, the canvas idea is ripped off of ovalprocess.