[sharing is texting] tcxttm - a text-based synth

    Jun 26 2011 | 3:24 pm
    i made a text-based synth that comes with fm-synth, wt-synth and sampler. the catch is, you control everything by text-inputs.
    obviously this is inspired by "live-coding" softwares like chuck and such, while live-coding is not quite possible with max/msp 4.6 especially with [buffer~]s, but what fascinated me the most is the idea to make music by text-inputs. so this is it...
    for the detail, you can look at the pdf file in the zip or type in "?" in the text field without quotation marks.
    note that this is an older version of max text file (.mxt) it should work in Max5 but probably works better with 4.6 runtime.
    i hope you enjoy.