[Sharing] Jit.multi-soundscope

    Jan 14 2014 | 8:36 pm
    I never really can see at lot in the traditional scope~ when i'm trying to look at several waveforms, to have a look at my signal, or while debugging an overlap-style-formant-shift (what i'm doing right now)...
    ...So i made this Jit.multi-soundscope:
    - (potentially) More detailed view - Several waveform at the same time (6 at the moment) - Possible 'mode 2 on jit.graph' (plain waveform from 0) which permit to see better zero crossings... (In that case you need to change the alpha of each jit.graph: try Jit.multi-soundscope-mode2) - Also i find it more convenient to have the scope in another window to switch to it, move it, resize it.
    open FORMANTSHIFTER_V1 patch in this folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8zblfw7ljyg47m/Jit.multi-soundscope.zip (use this link, NOT the attachment below here because one object, sinusoid~, is missing in it!)
    Well it's far from perfect for now. It's still tricky to stabilise visually the waveform (you have to play with the 'framesize'), and each waveform is synchronising somehow on it's own in its jit.graph so sometimes it happens that they are not truly in the right phase (in that case i click several times on the qmetro toggle, and it work, for this example at least..)
    Also the vertical definition is only 256 due to jit.graph limitation... I think open-gl would be a better tool to built the nicest crazily precise multi-scope...
    (About the FORMANTSHIFTER, it's a formant shifter for monophonic pitched sound (needing to track the fundamental if it's moving), but it's not working at all at the moment, i'm debugging...)

    • Jun 02 2017 | 9:09 am
      hi alexandre, this topic is super interesting. im building something with wave-forms, as well, and would love to look at the .zip file - which somehow disappeared. would you mind posting it again? btw, ur original post was made on jan 14, which is my bday :D