[sharing] M4L and Livid (and Launchpad): scripts and examples for controllers.

    Sep 02 2014 | 11:36 pm
    For those interested in controllers and Max for Live… I've been building out some simple example devices and scripts that make it easy to integrate controllers directly into Max for Live devices. These aren't extensive scripts for controlling the Live environment, all they do is make it simple to get controller data in and out of your device with an extreme minimum of patching. You can then integrate controllers into existing patches or make new devices around them. This material is on GitHub: https://github.com/LividInstruments/Max has the javascripts and M4L devices (look for "DeviceExample.amxd" and "LividM4LHub.js" in the various folders) while https://github.com/LividInstruments/LiveRemoteScripts has the so-called 'M4L' scripts.
    It's not super-sophisitcated, but it's a lot nicer than MIDI learn, and makes it possible to do some switching among Max For Live devices to point your controller to different places.
    If you want to do all sorts of elegant and intricate control of the Live environment along with modular device control, there's a better choice (at http://www.aumhaa.com), but if all you want to do is have your controller work in Max For Live or modify an existing patch to work with your controller, and be able to point your controller to some different devices, this is probably the ticket.
    Currently supported controllers: Livid Base, Livid Guitar Wing, Livid Code, Livid Alias8, and Launchpad. Peter