[sharing reveals that people can be humane] operand - bp

    Jul 08 2010 | 8:30 pm
    hello all,
    just sharing a link of a jitter video i made, for my free, experimental 'alphabet soup' series that i have been doing for a while now. recently, i decided to make music videos for some tracks, as this is a good way to learn my way through jitter, alongside max and msp. plus as well, its always nice to have some visuals without using the itunes visualizer :)
    alongside the video is music which is available from my website, with another sixty-seven tracks made with purpose built max/msp/jitter patches. i have even started using max for live as well for these tracks and videos, but keeping the ideals of using max for everything.
    have fun...
    lewis edwards ------ smokingbunny.co.uk