[sharingisfun] make a js array patch

    Feb 02 2006 | 3:25 pm
    typing out an array like:
    var arrayname = new Array() ;
    arrayname[1] = "one" ;
    arrayname[2] = "two" ;
    is boring as the array gets larger. so here is a max patch that generates the array, given a comma-delimited message of arrayname and elements. Just cut and paste from the text window into your js.

    • Feb 08 2006 | 12:25 am
      I tried to create new panel objects using javascript:
      var a = this.patcher.newobject("panel",100,100,12,12);
      From this I get: error: patcher: doesn't understand "panel".
      It works when I do it with a toggle: var a =
      this.patcher.newobject("toggle",100,100, 15, 0);
      So I checked by stepping trough the patchers objects using the apply
      method. I get for the Maxobj property maxclass for some of my
      objects the word "panel".
      In Max text mode I get for a panel: #P user panel 180 167 12 12;
      When I try to script to a thispatcher object with the message "script
      new mypanel panel 100 100 12 12" I get the same error message.
      Is it impossible to create panel objects dynamically?