"shatter" type effect using jit.gl.multiple + texture scaling question

    Dec 26 2006 | 5:03 pm
    hi all I looked through the list and couldn't really find anything on the subject. So at the risk of sounding dumb: I'm trying to use jit.gl.multiple to create a "shatter" type effect that may be controlled in real time- e.g split a single video image onto an arbitary number of 3dobj pieces, which may be pieced together or taken apart via the control matrices of jit.gl.multiple. Has anyone done something similar? any ideas would be welcome, as this needs to be as efficient as possible.
    My current problem is that for some reason I can't get the texture to render properly for jit.gl.multiple. It seems like I don't get something with the texture mapping- tex_map and tex_scale_s/t, which I use for mapping the texture in "eyespace" setting and scaling it so that it fills the whole gridshape, don't work with jit.gl.multiple. I use tex_gen instead on the jit.gl.texture object, but can't find how to scale the texture there as I would with tex_scale_s or t. Hope any of this makes sense. Here's the patch:
    thanks Nadav