shell on win via cygwin?

    Jan 25 2006 | 11:41 am
    would it be possible. Shell is pretty damn useful, I must admit. it would be nice to have this sort of an extensible feature on wMax. Just wondering if its feasible, I wouldnt know fuck-how when it comes to this sort of thing, I just know bit-o-bash n' suchery. Maybe I am just mad.

    • Jan 25 2006 | 12:20 pm
      If you don't mind using Java, i made some sort of a shell object for
      windows, called DOSHack. Still alpha, but working good for lots of
      things. I know there's a bug when you launch .exe from within max with
      it, but i'll fix it someday. You can find it here :
      Topher LaTopha made one too (check his share page), in Java also. Still
      not working (for unknown reasons) on my machine.
      As Jasch made a registry quering utility (envvar.mxe) for retrieving
      Environment Variables the same way as my EnvVar class can do, i guess
      he's not far from coding one shell in c for win...
    • Jan 25 2006 | 3:10 pm
      Yeah, you can do a lot of this stuff by using Java in Max. Here's a
      copy of a message I sent to the list back in March of last year, on
      how I query the Windows registry to find the current VST plugin
      Dan Nigrin
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      202 Hack / PC-1600 User / VSTi Host / OMS Convert / Jack OS X
    • Jan 25 2006 | 3:27 pm
      Funny we found the same things from Real Gagnon. Maybe we could send him
      a mail to inform he's contributing to the max/msp comunity, without
      beeing aware of :-D
      In fact you can retrieve any kind of registry infos, and that's very
      usefull. But you can use the Real Gagnon's idea of hacking the cmd.exe
      as well. That's what i did to send all shell-like commands (mkdir,
      ipconfig, format C:, just kidding for this last one).
    • Jan 25 2006 | 4:29 pm
      Heh, good to know that the method works for many things!
      Dan Nigrin
      Defective Records
      202 Hack / PC-1600 User / VSTi Host / OMS Convert / Jack OS X