shiva or vishnu particles xyz?

    Sep 19 2011 | 11:43 pm
    One more question today and then I promise to go away for a year again...
    Is it possible to get the position (x,y,z) of each particle from shiva/vishnu? it has to be here (from the help file):
    "Data received by p-vishnu is expected to be 5 or 8 plane, float32 or float64, 2 dimensional, x by 2. If 5-plane, planes 2, 3, 4 represent x, y, z positions. If 8-plane, planes 5, 6, 7 additionally represent x, y, z velocities."
    but, to be frank, I have no idea how to get this data out of vishnu once it is in jit.spill
    Thank you in advance

    • Sep 20 2011 | 6:27 am
      it is certainly possible. I normally do this by first unpacking and repacking the matrix so that I have plane 2, 3 and 4 in a single matrix.
      i normally stay clear of jit.spill though