showing only segments of a .mov image on window

    Aug 03 2011 | 1:51 am
    Not sure if I've been searching for the correct terminology on the forums for this one, so if anyone knows the right vocab, please let me know what to search for!
    I'm trying to take a .mov file and only view a segment of it: for example, I would like to use the "" but only see a portion of it, and be able to "cut out" a shape from this movie to view - a triangle, for example.
    Basically I'm wondering how to cut out shapes from multiple .mov files and use them as textures that all add up to the entire screen's image.
    Thanks for any help/ideas/direction

    • Aug 03 2011 | 2:24 am
      Hi 8888,
      Well, for squares and rectangles, you can use [jit.scissors] and [jit.glue]. Check out Jitter Tutorial 13.
      If you're wanting other shapes, you should use [jit.op]. Have a look at the help file. You would need to make an image mask in the shape you want, then remove that from the movie.