sidechain in vst~ iZotope or NI

    Dec 25 2012 | 10:42 pm
    I got 2 new plugins recently, which i both use in MAX (with vst~). Both have the sidechain possibility
    _the first one, Native instruments (free) DRIVE, when creating [vst~ DRIVE] creates an object with 4 ins (and the sidechain works well)
    _the second one, Trash 2 from iZotope, when creating [vst~ "iZotope Trash 2"] has only 2 ins (and no sidechain) , and when creating [vst~ "iZotope Trash 2" 4 2] it has 4 ins but the sidechain does not work.
    Any help? is that max or iZotope?