Sigmund~ for Windows/ help compiling Windows patch

    Mar 19 2014 | 2:20 pm
    I've built a guitar synth patch that I wish to share with a Windows user.
    It depends heavily on sigmund~, so first question, is there a working version of sigmund~ for Windows?
    Second, I'm having some authorisation issues with my Mac which means I'm having trouble installing Max 6 on my Windows partition (Pace wont install). I'm going to have another crack at it tonight, but if it fails again, would someone compile a Windows version for me if I post the patch?
    It does make some nice noises, and can be used with inputs other than guitar - I'm actually making this for my step-son, who is a violinist. I was thinking of sharing the patch anyway, once I'd done a bit more work on it, but I need a Windows version fairly soon, Cheers Roger