silhouette midi triggers

    Nov 19 2009 | 6:05 pm
    so now that i've got the beginnings of a patch that uses silhouettes as midi triggers i need to fine tune it and am having a few issues. what i would like is for the midi trigger to be activated as long as a silhouette is being detected. ie: hand in silhouette = sound plays, move hand away = sound stops.
    the main specific problems i'm running into are what i just mentioned above and the 4 channel audio output. somewhere the silhouette location is connected to the location of the sound in a quad speaker setup...
    i'm building out a sampler in reason with longer attack and decay settings so that the longer a silhouette is detected, the more a sound is activated.
    here is the patch im working on. if anybody has any suggestions to tune it up please let me know! thanks