silhouettes scaling and audio ramp designing?

    Apr 13 2011 | 12:51 am
    ok, i did a search and i've got a couple issues that may or may not be easily diagnosed. take a peek at my patches, they work together if they are on the same machine, but are ultimately intended for 2 networked minis (for an installation). you'll need a camera attached. also, it's meant for a 4-channel dac so please excuse the XY locators...
    issues on the video side (closer_to_done):
    getting the 'hotspot' sizes to jive with the XY (100sq grid) locator. the smallest hotspot only shows up within 29, the med 9 and the large 5. i have scaling in audio setup so that those squares (29, 9, 5) work out to 0-100 for the quad locators. but getting the hotspot sizes is the issue. anyone play with silhouettes enough to know how to control those parts?
    audio side (TSM_sound):
    this one is potentially more tricky. the quad locators and quad scaling are solid, not worried about them. it's the receive/scale setup on the bottom that is the issue. i think it's mostly a scaling issue but it is really touchy in terms of the trigger. one of them has a gain slider attached to show how jumpy the volume control is. could it just need an exponential expression to have it curve more? pow5 inserted or something like that? otherwise would the line~ object be a good fit? i looked at it and its a little different than what i think is needed. thoughts? as for the tone control, that can be worked in after the twitchy volume is fixed...
    that's all for now...thoughts?