Simple arpeggiator for max for live

    Nov 18 2012 | 2:45 am
    Hello, I am currently searching for a simple arpeggiator for max for live however everything I have seen is either excessively complex or does not do exactly what I am after. I am after a very simple arpeggiator similar to that found within the Nexus synth by refx (please see attached image) that would have a step sequencer in it but would also respond to multiple note input and have different input modes for how it interpets incoming notes. Can anybody recommend any devices that might do the trick?

    • Nov 20 2012 | 3:17 pm
      Hi Lobster,
      Check out [live.grid] object, its is fairly straight forward to put it together and can control most the parameters in the picture, (check the help file out) For multipule steps you can set it to 'matrixmode' (this stumped me for a little while.!) Im not sure what you mean by 'different input modes' tho?
      If you don't want to actually make a patch yourself, I can prob post you a patch later if you need.